Flying-fast Metro UI future vision components!

Download (0.6.1) GitHub project


From years now, Microsoft has released their design pattern called Metro (then renamed in Modern UI, then Window 8 style, but we prefer Metro). They published many videos from their future vision but no one of their apps is tailored as they wished. That's why Plumes brings a bouquet of frontend components (HTML/CSS/JS) based on Metro UI future vision.


Plumes is specially designed as very simple frontend engine for creating desktop and mobile webapps (with Cordova, PhoneGap, etc.). For now components are based on Ractive.js and Ractive-Require. The goal is to load these components on demand without load the entire page at start. Ractive is light so we have no complex mechanism to work on a maximum devices.


Each component is very lightweight and contains few features. It creates small and fast animations that does not need superfluous. Simplicity is a key goal in design and unnecessary complexity needs to be avoided. This helps maintain the code quickly and by everyone.


The project is maintened by an enthusiast community. They work together on enhancing the engine by making new features, fixes and more on GitHub.